Meet Katie

Staying Open
My name is Katie and I make modern glass jewelry in Austin, TX. My other day job is graphic design, but like many designers I know, I seek creative outlets that get me off the computer. In that pursuit, I'll try anything!

Up until 2018, the only experience I'd had with glass was enjoying what awesome windows it makes, so if you'd told me then that I’d be working in glass by the end of that year—making inventory to sell to people, no less—I’d have thought you were a few cards short of a full deck. Life is mischievous, no? 


Photo of Katie Heiselberg wearing Kismet glass bolo

Roman Holiday
Summer of '18 I had the opportunity to visit Rome, one of my favorite cities. While there I took a half-day workshop with a fused glass artist where I created my first fused glass piece.

I can’t put my finger on why, but something about the experience kicked off an avalanche of ideas. I quickly learned Austin has one of the top fused glass studios in the nation. (Of course it does.) So I signed up for a class, acquired enough knowledge to start prototyping, and never looked back.

On Reflection, It’s Kismet
As much as I didn’t see it coming, I now realize I’ve inadvertently landed in a familiar space. You see, my mother has had a jewelry business for nearly four decades now. I spent years helping her move in and out of craft shows—from tiny church bazaars to Houston's enormous Nutcracker Market. I helped set up her booth, shopped Dallas Market with her, raided her inventory for accessories to wear and gifts to give… And while there were more than a few weekends that angsty teen Katie didn’t want to do those things, I now see that I lucked into an accidental apprenticeship that's serving me well today.

My mother's company was named “Kismet!”, after the street I grew up on. Kismet means "destiny" and it's one of my favorite words. She has narrowed the scope of her business in the past few years and recently gifted the name to me. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received and I'm proud to carry it on. 

Thank you for being here. I sincerely hope you enjoy wearing or gifting these items as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!