So this jewelry is made of glass... can it break?
Smaller items (like stud earrings) are pretty tough to break. Larger items and thinner pieces are more at-risk. But with a little mindfulness you shouldn't have a problem! Learn more about Kismet jewelry care here.

The item I want says the pictured piece has been sold... Tell me more about "made-to-order" items.
If the item you want has a "the pictured item has sold" message, then the specific item in the photo is no longer available. But fret not! If it's still available for purchase it's because I'm reasonably confident in my ability to recreate the design. 

NOTE: Made-to-order items require more lead time—conservatively 2-3 weeks. I must also stress that because each piece is handmade, your item will differ slightly from the one in the photo. I will use the same colors and overall design, but dimensions, details and finish will differ slightly. 

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! I'm happy to hear your custom request... Learn more here.

Is your jewelry available in stores?
Kismet is always looking for great retail partnerships. If you're interested in carrying a selection of my jewelry or wish to collaborate on an exclusive collection, let's talk
Keep up with where we're currently available on our Stockists page! 

A Note About Finishes
All of Kismet's glass jewelry has been handcrafted by yours truly. A number of factors can affect the outcome, including particles on the glass prior to fusing and slight variations in firing intensities and schedules. I get "surprises" all the time! There may be variations in your piece and even between two earrings. Usually these are subtle, and every piece for purchase has met my own high standards prior to listing. Each item is a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art.

A Note About Metals
I've worked hard to source the metal components from reputable suppliers who know and share the metal makeups of their wares. I use hypoallergenic metals and metal mixes and some sterling silver, avoiding nickel and lead. This information can usually be found in each product's description, but if you need additional information, give me a shout and I'll work to answer your questions. 

A Note About Eco-Consciousness
Seeking eco-friendly solutions and striving for sustainability is something I'm intentional about. When I pursue new supplies, packaging, display or product, impact on the environment is always a consideration. 

I’m currently working to secure a recycled sterling silver supplier, and have plans to prototype a recycled glass line this fall. Also note that the glass in your jewelry is recyclable. If you fall out of love with your piece, I hope you pass it along to someone else to enjoy. Barring that (or if it accidentally breaks) it can go in the recycling bin.

Finally, if you have a hot tip for an earth-friendly resource or supplier, I'm all ears!