Have you heard?! The shop is on summer hiatus through 8/10. New designs & products soon!
Have you heard?! The shop is on summer hiatus through 8/10. New designs & products soon!
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How do I care for my glass jewelry?
I recommend storing it in a soft, protected environment as it can be scratched by other hard items. To clean, wipe with any microfiber cloth. To really make it shine, wipe with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free paper towel or cloth. Sterling silver elements can be shined with proper jewelry cleansers or silver cloth - or, in a pinch, try a little toothpaste and water. 

So this jewelry is made of glass... can it break?
Yes, the glass components of this jewelry can break. I've dropped a few pieces  and not one has broken, but... it is glass. Smaller items (earrings) don't break as easily. Larger items (bracelets, rings) or thinner pieces (triangle drop earrings) are more at-risk for breakage.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! I'm happy to hear your custom request...
Like a style, but the color you want isn't listed? Ask for it!
Have an idea for a fun bolo? Tell me about it!
Need 6 pairs of blush pink Dot earrings for your bridesmaids? I'm on it! 
Custom orders involving new glass creations require 2-3 weeks lead time.

Is this jewelry available in stores?
Kismet currently has no stockists. I'm into it, though! If you're a retail outlet interested in carrying a selection of my jewelry or wish to collaborate on an exclusive collection, let's talk.

Those rings are really big. 
That's not a question, but yes some of them are large and in charge. These are statement rings—they are made to say, "Look at me!" I do not recommend wrangling a toddler or playing volleyball in them, but hold a drink and make sparkling conversation at a cocktail party? Yes ma'am!

I have spirit, yes I do! But I'm an Aggie... Where's the maroon?!
The dark red color (such as on these earrings or this ring) is the best approximation of maroon I'm currently able to achieve. While I am a Longhorn, I promise I'm not just being spiteful!  ;P  I'm still playing around with color combinations to achieve a more marooney-maroon. 

A Note About Finishes
All of Kismet's glass jewelry has been handcrafted by yours truly. A number of factors can affect the outcome, including particles on the glass prior to fusing and slight variations in firing intensities and schedules. I get "surprises" all the time! There may be anomalies or variations in your piece. Usually these are subtle, and every piece here for purchase has met my own high standards prior to listing. Each is a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art!

A Note About Metal Findings
It's my goal to develop unique, quality glass jewelry, so I've worked hard to source the metal components from reputable suppliers who know and share the metal make-ups of their wares. I use hypoallergenic metals and metal mixes and some sterling silver, avoiding nickel and lead. When relevant, this information can be found on each product listing under "Specifications". If you need additional information, give me a shout and I'll work to answer all your questions.