Model wearing sterling silver necklace with handmade blue glass accent piece
Sterling silver necklace with handmade blue glass accent piece

Blue Skies Bridge Necklace

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Reminding us of the sky and sea, blue sends us powerful cues. It’s associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, and expansiveness. Soothing, optimistic and deep, the color is beneficial to the mind and body, and looks great against every skin tone. 

The Blue Skies Bridge Necklace features a hand-shaped piece of Caribbean Blue glass bridging delicate sterling silver chain.

This necklace hangs about center-chest on most bodies and is framed perfectly by a variety of necklines, but I'm happy to customize yours to be slightly longer or shorter at no charge. Just let me know your desired length (within +/- 3") by adding a note to your order on the Cart page before checking out.

Glass: ~2-3 cm wide
16.5" sterling silver chain, for a ~17.5" total length

Every Kismet piece is handmade, so please expect (and celebrate!) that yours may differ slightly from the photo.

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