Close up of modern glass bolo tie necklace on brown leather with silver tips, brown and green cactus
Close-up of sterling silver bolo tie tips
Handmade glass bolo necklace on leather cord with silver tips, length graphic

Cactus Bolo — Cinnamon, Mint Green, Deep Pink

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Who doesn't love a cactus these days?! This prickly pear wants to go home with you. This bolo style features 44mm long sterling silver tips and a tension back for easy adjusting.

• • • This is a one-of-a-kind item. If it speaks to you, make it yours! • • •

How to Wear
The original way to wear a bolo is like a necktie: under a collar with the ornament pulled up close to the neck. For a more relaxed and modern look, I recommend wearing it like a regular necklace: loosened up, with or without a collar.

Push the center of the tension back in while sliding the glass piece down the cord. Make the leather loop large enough to slip over your head. Push the tension back in again to adjust the glass piece back up as far as you like.

Ornament: 5 cm wide x 5 cm tall
Cord length: 38”
Bolo back is iron, bolo tips are sterling silver. 
Close-ups of back and tips are representative; they are not images of this specific item.

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